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What do our Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers offer?

Real estate or property law is the area of the law that controls buying, using, and selling real property. It governs how people can acquire real property and what they can do with the real property they own. Our Los Angeles real estate lawyers at Tez Law have over a decade of experience in serving our community. We provide a free consultation that is one click away. We also offer document review via email at your convenience.

  • Real estate deal closings.
  • Finance and Leasing.
  • Sale by Owner Assistance.
  • Finalizing Contracts.
  • Real Estate Litigations.

What does a Real Estate Attorney do?

You don’t have to navigate a real estate transaction or issue alone. A real estate attorney can provide you with legal counsel, efficiency, efficacy, and assistance. They can prevent current and future problems from holding back your deals and disputes. A realtor may help you with finding your home but we can help you with officially obtaining your home. We are conveniently located in Los Angeles and our experienced attorneys are by your side when things get too difficult to handle.

Sale By Owner Assistance

Besides helping those that are looking to own property, we litigate all manner of disputes and finalize contracts for owners who are selling their homes. Our Los Angeles based real estate attorneys have been working hard for over a decade to help homeowners with all their issues. Our lawyers are business oriented and we provide diligent and professional services and close the deal when no one else can. If you ever feel alone in the process, know that we can help you. Without a realtor things are tough enough, that’s where a real estate professional comes into play.

Finalizing Contracts

At Tez Law Firm, we specialize in finalizing your contracts. Our real estate lawyers are experienced in creating, negotiating, and interpreting lease or rental agreements, and sale agreements.. We provide fast and courteous service with a free consultation. We know the ins and outs of these contracts and if you feel stuck, we can guide you through the process. Closing on a deal varies in a case-by-case way. Your specific closing may be different from your neighbor’s. This is why we recommend hiring a real estate lawyer.

Finance and Leasing

Real estate lawyers also specialize in finance and leasing. Including, but not limited to, the execution and enforceability of leases, disclosures, rents and security deposits, and automatic terminations or foreclosures. When these issues arise it is important to have a Los Angeles real estate lawyer by your side. Someone who is well-versed in these issues will provide the much-needed insight into your case.

Real Estate Litigations

We can help you with any type of dispute arising from real property or an interest in real property. Litigation could include a dispute that comes about during the acquisition of property or ownership of property. Even something as simple as a dispute arising from the agreements between the purchaser and the seller. For example, defects that were not disclosed to the purchaser. Without an aptitude for the minutiae of these deals sometimes things can fall through the cracks. This is where a real estate attorney comes into play, and why we recommend you consult with us for your proceedings.

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